apparently unaffected

fragile (free)

and waiting is all i seem to do...
i've been walking around all day,
i think i have a problem,
i think i think too much.
i've been taught to hold back my tears,
and avoid them
but you make pain into something i could touch.

i've been walking around all day,
i think i'd be better off without you here.
and i bet you're sweet and hard to get over,
so i'll cry and people will stop and stare.
now that's okay,
let them stop and stare.

cause i am fragile,
i am hopeless
i'm not perfect,
but i am free...

i needed a new journal, a fresh start. i basically stopped updating my old journal because i got so sick of it. that thing had probably over 3 years of my past on it, filled with a lot of growing and changing and learning. i just didn't want to keep dragging all of that behind me anymore.

so here it is, my new journal! please add me... i know i wasn't too active before, but i plan to start updating regularly!

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honey bunny. make sure i am on your list! you better better better update more. i misss hearing from you.

i added you babygirl!
i'm going to update a lot more, i promise!

fresh starts are always good! i added you =]

indeed they are!
i added you! yay :D

do you still use this? come back to me! its been too long!

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